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5 Ways How Mobility Can Instantly Increase Your Business Productivity

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September 21, 2018
5 Ways How Mobility Can Instantly Increase Your Business Productivity

Mobile computers such as smartphones and tablets have revolutionized the way we connect and communicate; likewise, they are enabling enormous increases in business productivity. In this article, we highlight some of the ways you can make immediate gains in business productivity by mobilizing workflows and equipping your workers with mobile computers and printers.

1. More Productivity in Less Time

With mobile computers such as handhelds, smartphones, or tablets, facility workers or healthcare professionals can access business information and workflow capabilities faster, more efficiently, and practically anywhere.

By putting business-critical apps, voice, data, barcode scanning, printing, and labeling at your workers’ fingertips, they can get more done, in less time, without being tethered to workstations or forced to go back-and-forth between work areas and desktop computers and printers.

Today’s enterprise-grade mobile computers are compact, lightweight, ergonomic, and even come in form factors that make them wearable or vehicle-mountable.

2. Faster Business Processes

Mobile computers and operating systems simplify workflows by allowing facility workers or healthcare professionals to access information, capture barcodes, and perform software-based tasks with the touch of a button or a tap on a device screen. Tasks that were once complex are completed in seconds through a mobile app, at blazingly fast speed and efficiency.

The end results are faster processes, more throughput, and better customer service—all from virtually anywhere inside or outside the four walls.

3. Smarter Decision-Making

Since mobile technologies capture, share, and deliver business-critical information in real time, facility workers and managers can make better decisions. With an array of off-the-shelf or custom software solutions, they can access orders, pick lists, inventory, shipments, work in process, dashboards, performance metrics, and more.

Mobility and real-time insights help with everything from inventory management, procurement, and scheduling to order processing, shipping, fleet deployment, and customer service.

4. Increased Accuracy and Error Reduction

Mobile computers and printers enable automated identification and data capture, which means you can identify products or assets, track their location and condition, and keep your databases and systems updated without manual and error-prone data entry and paper-based processes.

By mobilizing and automating tasks and data capture, you can decrease paperwork, minimize the risk of human error, and achieve virtually flawless accuracy in inventory, shipping, order processing, and more.

In addition, with radio frequency identification (RFID) and mobile handheld RFID readers, you can completely automate data capture and tracking by tagging and remotely locating and tracing items automatically, without manual barcode scanning.

5. Faster and More Efficient Customer Service

Whether you’re dealing with customers in a store aisle, at a loading dock, or even remotely, mobile technologies are also a great way to provide faster and more efficient service.

Equipped with mobile access to business information, inventory, and voice and data communications, your facility employees can respond faster to customer queries, initiate and fulfill orders faster and more accurately, and keep customers updated along the way.

It’s all available at their fingertips, as long as they have a Wi-Fi or wireless cellular connection.

Exploring Mobility and Getting Started

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