No matter what you're tracking or tagging, with barcodes or RFID, Zebra has the most advanced solutions. Welcome to best-of-breed industrial, card and mobile printers.

Mobile Computers & Barcode Scanners
Innovative Consumer Styling
Empower associates to deliver service that will impress today’s demanding customers and healthcare staff to deliver the best care possible.
Class Leading Bar Code Scanner
A touch computer offering smart consumer styling with industrial durability and comprehensive enterprise-class features, including class-leading data capture and excellent audio quality.
Real Time Information
This mobile computer gives field workers access to information they need to get the job done right, quickly and efficiently.
Power Your Business
Easy to migrate to the next generation in Android mobility business platforms. This mobile computer provides innovative platforms for warehouse mobility.
Durable Bar Code Scanner
The gold standard for mobility in demanding environments, scratch and shatter proof, government grade data security, reliable sealed casing tougher battery design and a polycarbonate 4H screen.
Versatile Bar Code Scanner
Empower field workers with versatile scanning, voice communication, still and video images and document capture.
User Friendly Bar Code Scanner
Smart, user friendly barcode scanner field device. Rugged but light, next generation enterprise device with best in class scanning and fast roaming.
Voice Picking Bar Code Scanner
A cost-effective, lightweight and rugged mobile barcode scanner incorporating voice-picking, 1D and 2D scanning, even if damaged or obscured barcodes.
Heavy Duty Bar Code Scanner
The TC75 has been ruthlessly drop and tumble tested to provide cutting edge data access in the harshest conditions. With outstanding audio clarity, the business-grade device is packed with enterprise-class functionality.
Card Printers
Large Format Card Printer
Only large-format, direct-to-card printer that can produce full, edge-to-edge color cards in one printing process.
Non- Laminate Only
High Quality Photo Card Printer
Generates near-photographic print quality and color depth using photo-print technology, while the laminator ensures security of the cards and lengthens the life of the image.
ZXP Series 3
Low to Medium Volume Card Printer
Ideal solution for low- to medium-volume single or dual-sided printing applications that require minimal operator training and excellent print quality.
ZXP Series 1
Low Volume card Printer
Ideal for low-volume, single-sided card printing applications in color or monochrome, the ZXP Series 1 offers a complete card printing solution with a minimal upfront investment.
Desktop Printers
Performance Desktop Printer
These performance desktop printers deliver best-in-class print speeds and features for improved efficiency and profitability.
Thermal Speed Printer
The ZD620 delivers maximum printer throughput and productivity with best-in-class print speeds.
Thermal Desktop Printer
The only thermal printers to offer both a standard ribbon and a ribbon cartridge model for fool-proof and split-second installation.
Compact Desktop Printer
The smallest printer in its class, fitting easily in the most space-constrained desktop or shelf, is ideal for printing labels with a shelf life of less than one year.
Industrial Printers
ZT400 Series
Advanced Industrial Printer
Printers deliver advancements in print speed, registration and connectivity as well as additional advanced features.
ZT200 Series
Simplified Industrial Printer
Designed to simplify and shorten servicing and consumable replacement time, which enables simplified media and ribbon insertion.
ZT600 Series
Durable Industrial Printer
Durable steel structural components that can withstand years of abuse in extreme temperatures, dust, debris and other challenging industrial conditions.
Performance Industrial Printer
Designed to strike the ideal balance between performance and value, this includes the core features you need in an industrial printer.
Mobile Printers
QLn Series
High Duty Mobile Printer
Prints barcode labels and more. Optimized for high duty-cycle label and receipt printing and designed to enhance business processes through easy integration and operation.
ZQ500 Series
Durable Mobile Printer
Lightweight, yet engineered to handle the bumps, drops and collisions that are part of the job, this design can withstand repeated drops to concrete.
ZQ300 Series
Big Business Value
Print receipts, labels, or both, this mobile printer offers the most charging options for maximum flexibility to meet the scalability of your business needs.
Compact Mobile Printer
Compact and lightweight enough to fit in a pocket or wear comfortably on a belt for an entire shift.
Advanced Item Level Printer
Engineered to accurately and efficiently print and encode labels for today’s most advanced item-level tracking applications.
Mobile Tracking Label Printer
The only barcode printer to combine the convenience and flexibility of a mobile printer with the enhanced tracking capabilities of UHF RFID to create on-demand RFID labels when and where you need them.
Item Level Tracking Label Printer
Optimized to accurately and efficiently print and encode labels for today’s item-level tracking applications.
Item Level Tracking Label Printer
Optimized to accurately and efficiently print and encode labels for today’s item-level tracking applications.
Item Level Tracking Label Printer
Optimized to accurately and efficiently print and encode labels for today’s item-level tracking applications.