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The HP Z6 vs. Z9+: Innovative Specialty Print Technology for Graphic Designers

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September 11, 2018
The HP Z6 vs. Z9+: Innovative Specialty Print Technology for Graphic Designers

Through the years, the technology of large format printers has changed dramatically. Deciding which large format printer is right for your firm can be a difficult process. A large format printer should not only produce clear and precise prints, but also enhance the efficiency of your work. The new HP Designjet Z6 & Z9+ printers produce professional quality photos and, as important, break down barriers in the printing industry with increased print speeds and dual drop technology. For graphic designers, the HP Z6 and Z9+ produce nothing less than precise printing with amazing quality and fewer inks. Below is a brief description of each so you can compare the HP Z6 vs Z9.

Key Innovative Features of Each Designjet Printer

Designjet Z6 Series

Increased Print Quality
Being able to print for an upcoming project successfully relies on the quality of your printer. With its enhanced print quality, the HP Designjet Z6 Series reads details clearly and uses high contrast color with new high-definition HP printheads. In addition to the quality of prints, there is now no need for light inks. HP Pixel Control remains a vital feature for this printer series. This innovative technology allows the printer to read color in each pixel for identical print runs. Having HP Pixel Control ensures that your prints will contain a level of detail and high-resolution quality unmatched by any competitor. In addition, HP Pixel Control mixes color consistency with HP Nozzle Architecture to deliver greater ink efficiency. The HP Designjet Z6 Series comes in a range of sizes to meet your needs.

Faster Print Speeds
The Designjet Z6 handles complex files with powerful processing architecture and the Adobe PDF Print Engine. The Z6 prints up to 20% faster with high-definition HP printheads, dual roll support and automatic roll switching, allowing you to spend less time on changes and adjustments. The ability to cut projects to different sizes in fewer steps due to the new vertical trimmer also decreases post-processing labor time allowing you to save throughout a project.

Better Data Security
Sharing and managing information during the course of a project is crucial. It’s also essential to be able to share information securely. The HP Designjet Z6 protects your data from unauthorized access with HP Secure Boot and encrypted hard disk. Other authentication solutions such as PIN printing and card readers protect documents and preserve confidentiality.

Designjet Z9+ Series

The Designjet Z9+ has similar innovative features to the HP Designjet Z6 including, data security, enhanced print quality, no light inks, and the optional vertical trimmer. Here are a few more features that make the Z9 a good fit for graphic designers.

Reduced Labor Time
Like the Z6, the Designjet Z9+ includes an integrated vertical trimmer. The trimmer, combined with increased print speeds up to 2.5x and 2400 nozzle-per-inch high-definition printheads, allow you to print your project to the correct size with no additional steps, decreasing post-processing labor time.

Enhanced Print Quality
The Designjet Z9+ also features HP Pixel Control, delivering high quality prints. The Z9+ has 9 print cartridges, including an optional gloss enhancer. Dual drop technology combines the HP Nozzle Architecture with high definition printheads to produce a print with clearer details and a higher level of contrast between colors.

Fewer Disruptions
The Designjet HP Z9+ can help prevent disruptions to your workflow. Similar to the Z6, it has automatic roll switching so you spend less time on adjustments and changes. This innovative large format printer works for your current validated RIPs with HP RIP certification program. Having the correct information when and where you need it can be the difference between failure and success in your project. The HP Print OS in the Z9 provides you remote visibility and control to better manage your print production environment.

Choosing the Right Large Format Printer for You

For graphic designers, selecting the right large format printer can be a challenge. There is no question that both the HP Z6 and the Z9+ deliver industry-leading technology that not only helps designers print projects in higher resolution, but increases efficiencies around the office. Whether you choose, the HP Z6 vs Z9+ depends on your company needs.

While there are many similarities between these two printers including HP Pixel Control and dual drop technology, there are key aspects that differentiate them. If print speed is important, then the Z6 would be a better option. The Z6 has a print speed of 866 sq ft/hr as opposed to the Z9+ with a print speed of only 769 sq ft/hr. If you are looking for a large format printer with enhanced color quality, the Z9+ would be a better fit. The Z9+ comes with nine print cartridges, including an optional gloss enhancer, ensuring your prints are identical to your computer screen design. The Z6 only comes with 6 print cartridges while previous models needed 12 inks to achieve the same results. The Z9+ also allows a rear sheet feed for any rigid media projects.

While both printers offer class-leading technology with their innovative features, each printer series has its own unique offerings, delivering not only quality prints, but also increased efficiency in your company.

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