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Sustainability and Managed Print Services

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September 24, 2019
Sustainability and Managed Print Services

Sustainability impact. It’s in everything we do. Today, more than ever, companies are not only looking for ways to reduce their capital expenses, but also ways to reduce the impact they have on the world we live in.

Let’s look at a typical engineering department and the large format prints they generate. Did you know that if your department is printing 100 x D size (24”x36”) prints per day (on average), you will consume approximately 16 x 300ml cartridges, using a HP DesignJet T2530, per year? This is assuming there is no waste and that each print has 8-12% ink coverage. What is your company doing with all the empty cartridges? Do you have a recycling program or are you simply disposing of them? Does the printer manufacturer have a recycling program?

HP Planet PartnersHP offers a free recycling program for almost everything they ship, including their packaging. You can take advantage of this by implementing a process and having someone within your company manage it or, you can look at another solution. Managed Print Services from Clarity Imaging Solutions, Inc.

If you are asking yourself “What is managed print service (MPS)” then read on. MPS is outsourcing the management of your fleet of printers. The result saves you time and money as well as providing you more visibility, control and security for your fleet. Did you know that you can save up to 30% of your print management costs by outsourcing? Think of the time spent supporting and maintaining these devices. With an MPS contract, ordering supplies becomes automated which means no excess inventory and, better yet, no more running out of ink or toner. We even provide a mechanism to recycle your depleted ink cartridges at no additional cost!

How does it work?

Each customer is different, and their requirements are unique. In order to best serve the customer, an initial conversation is required to determine what they want to accomplish. Most customers look to assign their large format printers to a third-party company thinking this will save them time and money. While it is true, they will save a little, the best way to maximize your savings is to allow the managed print services company to complete an assessment analyzing

  • The current devices or fleet, capabilities and condition of existing printers
  • Determine current usage and total cost of print
  • What is being printed, what is being outsourced and what other issues or needs should be addressed.

All this leads to being able to create a fleet optimization plan. Recommendations on consolidating or adding/removing printers to optimize the print environment or costs will be made. The partner will also be able to provide a plan or roadmap to reduce the number of, or types of printers and supplies being utilized. Once implemented, quarterly governance reviews allow both parties to address any concerns with the fleet allowing fine tuning on a regular basis.

Continuing proactive mechanisms are implemented to monitor the fleet for consumable levels and possible service issues. All of this adds up to your ability to reduce your environmental impact by printing less (using more efficient printers with less waste), consuming less electricity (consolidation where possible) which in turn leads to generating less greenhouse emissions.

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Want to learn more?

Call us today to book an appointment. We will provide you with an overview of what we can do to help your company reduce its printing costs as well as reducing its sustainability impact. By the way, this example is for large format printers. We also offer Managed Print Services for your Zebra label printers.