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The Top 5 HP Large Format Printers for Architects

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July 30, 2018
The Top 5 HP Large Format Printers for Architects

Finding the best large format printer for your architecture firm doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Here, we have collected 5 great options from HP that can efficiently print your full sized drawings, blueprints, and presentations. Whether you are looking for a large format printer that can print at production speeds, print more securely, or reduce post processing time, there is an option for every application.

Here’s an in-depth look at five of the top HP Large Format printers for architects:

1. HP Designjet Z6

The Designjet Z6 printer is the newest addition to the HP family. This series includes three different models (24in, 44in, and the 44in with Vertical Trimmer).

The main benefits of the Z6 series include the ability to:

  • Handle even the most complex files with powerful processing architecture and the Adobe PDF Print Engine
  • Cut maps to different sizes in fewer steps with the first printer including an integrated vertical trimmer
  • Protect printers/data from unauthorized access with HP Secure Boot, whitelisting, and encrypted hard disk
  • Print up to 20% faster, increasing your productivity
  • The Z6 Postscript Printer series is the precise, fast and secure solution to your graphic print needs.
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2. HP Designjet Z9

The Z9+ is another substantial addition to the Designjet family. This large format printer for architects provides you with a higher level of quality with smooth transitions and sharp details thanks to HP Pixel Control.

Some benefits of the Z9+ series:

  • Achieve expanded gamut with RGB HP Vivid Photo Inks bedded spectrophotometer
  • Cut post-processing labor time up to 20% with the first printer to include an integrated vertical trimmer
  • Print up to 2.5x faster without losing the quality of your designs (2400 nozzle-per-inch)
  • Keep using your current RIPs, validated with HP RIP certification program
  • The Designjet Z9+ allows you to impress even the most demanding customers.

3. HP XL4500

The HP Pagewide XL printer does the work of two plotters, giving you color and monochrome faster and cheaper than LED.

You can expect the XL4500 to:

  • Provide a range of strict security features—self-encrypting HDD, Secure Disk Erase, IPSec, and PIN printing
  • Produce excellent technical documents – crisp lines, fine detail, smooth grayscales that beat LED
  • Print, scan, copy in a single device— MFP incorporates an integrated 1200 dpi scanner with advanced and convenient workflows
  • Decrease production time with up to four 650 foot rolls and a 100-page integrated top stacker
  • The Pagewide XL 4500 provides you a single, easy-to-use device for all your monochrome and color printing requirements.

4. HP T3500MFP

In addition to being one of the most productive large format printers, the HP T3500MFP can allow you to manage projects and control cost effectively, using embedded professional accounting features.

The T3500MFP can improve your workflow:

  • Print out your first page right away thanks to ultra-fast processing and zero warm-up time
  • Copy and scan quickly with advanced features—presets, batch scanning, multi page PDFs, and scan to email
  • Operate unattended due to two heavy rolls of up to 650 ft and a total ink capacity of 1,800 ml
  • Protect and control confidential jobs securely while retrieving documents at the printer with a personal PIN
  • The T3500MFP will safeguard confidential information, using a self-encrypting HDD with AES-256, Secure Disk Erase, and IPsec

5. HP T1700

The new HP T1700 is the most secure, empowering HP DesignJet printer for CAD/GIS workgroups

With the T1700, you can:

  • Reproduce transparencies, layers, color palettes, and gradients with the embedded Adobe PDF Print Engine and free up your computer immediately after sending to print even with the most complex files
  • Expect no workflow interruptions due to a dual-roll option that will reduce roll changes; two rolls double capacity and expedite switching paper types
  • Handle the most complex files with a powerful processing architecture, 128GB memory, and 500GB HDD at 116 A1/D pages per hour

Securely print your most important documents, containing the most complex files, with the greatest of ease with the T1700.

Although selecting the ‘right’ large format printer for architects can be a difficult decision, we have a simple answer…

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