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First things first – PageMax carries 9 separate patents and 3 patents pending on our “High-Efficiency Transfer Technology” — an advancement that applies toner more efficiently. Another retread of someone else’s technology? Hardly. PageMax is the real deal. And there’s more…

PageMax cartridges are independently tested by New York’s Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), the recognized leader in quality assurance. So when we say you’ll double your page yield, save at least 25%, and reduce your cartridge usage by 50% or more…we’re not the only ones.

To put the toner cartridge marketplace into perspective, and to demonstrate the undeniable value of PageMax products, we present a quick snapshot of the real world:

  • Average office employee spends $15,000 a year on document output*
  • US corporations spend 1 to 3% of total annual revenue on printing**
  • Cost of printing still increasing due to higher page volumes and increased use of color devices
  • 40% of all IT / Help Desk calls are printer or copier related**
  • Average office has one printing device per 4 employees; optimum ratio is 1 to 10**
  • The average printing device is in an error state 55% of the time***
  • In 2007, 4 trillion pages were printed in the US, growing at 5% per year.**
  • Paperless society? Not even close.
    *Source: All Associates
    **Source: The Gartner Group
    ***Source: PrintFleet Inc. database research

So as you can see, that “Find your toner” button above is very important.

Pick your printer brand(s) and we’ll show you how many PageMax toner cartridge choices are 100% compatible. You’ll see PageMax part numbers and OEM part numbers, so you can’t go wrong.

We’ve also listed the PageMax-tested page yields and the OEM-advertised page yields — you’ll see right away that on average, PageMax cartridges will more than DOUBLE the page yield of the compatible OEM cartridge.

And rest easy — all PageMax toner cartridge choices will absolutely NOT affect your OEM printer warranty.