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Frequently Asked Questions

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I have a DHL label to return my empty cartridge for recycling. What should I do?
Please call 1-800-35TONER and ask for UPS return labels to be sent to you. 

What types of companies should consider PageMax?
All companies large and small that feel they need to reassess their toner expenditure. Laser toner is the second highest office product expenditure. PageMax laser toner cartridges save companies at least 25% on their toner costs…guaranteed!!!

Do you have a Product Listing Guide that I may refer to?
Yes, by clicking on this link, you can download a PDF file of our complete product listing.

Do PageMax cartridges come with a guarantee?
PageMax laser toner cartridges come with the best guarantee in the industry, a Full Life Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with your PageMax cartridge for any reason, let us know and you will receive a new PageMax cartridge free of charge. You will receive a new PageMax cartridge regardless of how much toner you’ve already used.

How are PageMax laser toner cartridges different from remanufactured cartridges?
PageMax laser toner cartridges are not a retread of someone else's outdated technology. They are manufactured using nine technological patents that enable PageMax cartridges to produce at least double the page yield of OEM high yield cartridges. This translates into the lowest cost per page cartridge alternative available, and reduces cartridge usage by 50%. Unlike most remanufactured cartridges, all the critical parts of PageMax cartridges are brand new, including the patented components of each cartridge. Non-critical components of the cartridge meet our stringent Quality Assurance criterion.

How can paying more for a product save the company money?
With PageMax Double Yield cartridges, you cannot look only at the price of the individual cartridge. You have to double what you are paying now for a simple comparison. And many PageMax cartridges are more than double the page counts. When you compare page counts, you see using PageMax will save you at least 25% in your printing cost.

How will PageMax laser toner cartridges save my company money?
Using patented toner transfer technology, PageMax laser toner cartridges are designed to last twice as long and product twice as many pages as compatible OEM cartridges. This means you’ll purchase 50% fewer cartridges and save 25% on your toner expenditures…guaranteed!
In addition to saving on toner, PageMax saves you money in other ways:
  • Reduced Inventory- Since PageMax lasts at least twice as long as your current cartridge, you can cut your inventory in HALF.
  • Reduced Failures- Because PageMax has the same low failure rate of OEM cartridges, you’ll now experience half the failures, half the disruption and half the aggravation.
  • Reduced Handling- Using half of the cartridges means half of the handling, half of the downtime, and half of the repackaging and returning of empty cartridges. It also means you have half the lost productivity associated with changing cartridges.

Who do I contact if I have questions regarding PageMax products?
You can call us at 1-800-35-TONER or email at

Will PageMax laser toner cartridges affect my printer warranties or maintenance agreements?
The use of PageMax laser toner cartridges will NOT void your OEM warranty. You are not required by any machine manufacturer's warranty to use only its brand. In fact, The federal Magnuson-Moss Warranty Improvement Act prevents the OEMs from taking any action against you for using PageMax Double Yield cartridges.

Who do I contact with any printing problems?
For any printing issues while using a PageMax laser toner cartridge, please contact the PageMax Support Help Desk at 1-800-35-TONER (358-6637) Mon- Fri 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM EST.

How reliable are PageMax cartridges?  
PageMax cartridges incorporate nine patented technologies that provide double the page yield of your existing toner cartridge.  PageMax cartridges have OEM reliability and we stand behind our product with a 100% Full Life Satisfaction Guarantee. Our failure rates are as low as the OEMs.

Is PageMax an OEM or a Reman?
Clarity Imaging, the manufacturer of PageMax is not a manufacturer of printers, therefore we cannot be an Original Equipment Manufacturer. While OEM cartridges are considered new, they often have some reclaimed parts, such as the plastic outer housing. PageMax also manufactures its cartridges with a used plastic housing (which is why PageMax cartridges cannot lawfully be considered “new”), while all of the remaining components of the cartridge are brand new. However, unlike OEMs, PageMax utilizes nine patented technologies that produce double the yield of any OEM. Therefore, we refer to our cartridges as “Double Yield - Quality Alternative.”

What is Clarity Imaging's environmental commitment?
Our toner is Black, but our cartridges are extremely green. In fact, they are the greenest available because double yield equals half the cartridge use. Additionally, all cartridges returned to our recycling center are fully recycled. The 3R's, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle are followed completely. Using our cartridges Reduces the initial entry of 50% solid waste into the stream, because you buy half the number of cartridges to begin with. We Reuse non-ware parts to the end of their useful life. And finally, we Recycle everything that comes back, the cartons, liners, plastics and even the left over toner is used as a fossil fuel. 0% goes to a land fill.

How do I return my used laser toner cartridge?
Every PageMax laser toner cartridge comes with a pre-paid UPS return shipping label. When you are done with the cartridge, place the empty toner cartridge in the in the carton, close the self-seal and affix the pre-paid return shipping label to the top. You can call UPS for pick-up, leave at any UPS facility or give to your driver. The empty cartridge will be disposed of in an environmentally safe manner, with 0% ever seeing a land fill.

How can I purchase PageMax?
You can purchase PageMax directly from us, look for the link on our Home Page. You can also purchase PageMax from many of the Business Divisions of the major retail Office Products chains and from many local Independent Distributors. Please call 877-2PAGEMAX, Option 2 for information.

Do I need to reset my density settings on my printer every time I change the cartridge?
No, there will be no need to reset the settings when you change your toner cartridge. Our continuing research and development has made this step obsolete with our entire product line.

What should I do if I believe the toner has damaged my printer?
Please contact the PageMax Support Help Desk at 1-800-35-TONER (358-6637) Mon- Fri 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM EST to have a technician dispatched to your location for evaluation.

Can I buy PageMax cartridges from anyone?
You should only buy PageMax cartridges from authorized PageMax distributors or directly from our Toner Store web site. Beware of all auction sites, as these usually contain very old product that have been unsealed. Clarity will not honor our warranty when you've purchased from any third party sites. Please call our Sales Department to determine if you are buying from an authorized PageMax distributor if you have any questions.

Does Clarity Imaging offer PageMax double yield Ink Jet cartridges?
No, our patented, proprietary technology in not compatible with the Ink Jet technology.

Does Clarity Imaging offer PageMax double yield Copier cartridges?
No, our patented, proprietary technology in not compatible with the copier technology.

Does Clarity Imaging offer their cartridges under any other names?
Yes, Clarity Imaging does package the PageMax cartridges under some exclusive private label agreements for some customers. If you have any questions on this, please call our Sales Department; 877-2Pagemax.