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About Us

Who we are
Clarity Imaging Technologies is the proud manufacturer of PageMax® – the next generation of laser toner cartridges delivering twice as many pages as Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) cartridges. Using a proprietary and patented technology called “High-Efficiency Toner Transfer Technology”™ we’ve developed a family of premium cartridges that are the most cost-effective, material-efficient, OEM-compatible in the industry today.

Although PageMax is the smart solution to substantially lowering your printing costs, we understand that many companies continue going with OEM cartridges — old habits are tough to break. But for forward-thinking companies looking for innovative (and incredibly cost-efficient) alternatives, PageMax is an enterprise-wide eye-opener, not just another retread of someone else’s technology. And the famous PageMax guaranteed cost savings? They’re nothing short of dramatic.

The early years
The core technology of the double-yield cartridges was developed and utilized in 1991 by a small regional company in Western Massachusetts. This unique technology led to a US patent in 1995. Clarity Imaging Technologies, Inc. acquired the patented technology and started utilizing it in the manufacturing of laser toner cartridges in 1998.

Since then, further development has led to more advancements and more patents, and is responsible for the next generation technology inside today’s PageMax double-yield laser toner cartridges.

Where we are
Currently headquartered in Saddle Brook, NJ, our primary manufacturing facility is located in Springfield, MA and houses our advanced research, development, and quality control laboratories. We also have a secondary manufacturing facility in Montreal, Canada. PageMax products are proudly distributed through resellers throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, and Europe.